Thursday, December 29, 2011

CoMeD scientists found "the smoking gun"

Please sign this petition and read the chilling tale of Autism by Mercury Poisoning in the book "Sacred Spark" by author Rev Lisa K Sykes.

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CoMeD scientists found "the smoking gun"

The secret meeting June 7th 2,000 in Norcross, GA proves collusion between CDC and pharmaceutical company executives to knowingly poison the population with mercury making them sick and crippled so these victims are forced to buy their drugs in order to live. The secret Simpsonwood transcript forced out of CDC by a FOIA court order is available online. This is a CDC funded study by CDC lead scientist Dr Thomas Verstraeten who has been hired by a drug company and lives in Belgium hidden from giving testimony to Congress and any legal authority.

Posted By William Hewitt Petition Organizer
December 30, 2011

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